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Personal Info

As a part of our esteemed agency, you will have the opportunity to showcase your unique charm and captivate discerning clients with your undeniable beauty and intelligence. Our exclusive clientele demands nothing less than perfection, and we are here to help you flourish in this realm of refined companionship.

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Listed down are a few pointers on how you can start working with Birmingham escort agency:

  • It would be best if you have decent looks. Also, age can be a number, but you should be someone who has maintained her figure and is energetic and healthy.
  • You must be witty and intelligent, someone who can keep the client entertained. Because as you know, we become one of the finest Birmingham escort agency.
  • Send us your selfies and portfolio pictures. It’s okay to send us your portfolio pictures, but we would also like you to send us some selfies. Selfies are mandatory!
  • Moreover, ensure that you click your photos with some makeup on. Put on some makeup and also wear some sexy clothes before taking the selfies you want to send to us. Last but no least these pictures also form a part of our selection process.

What are those things that can land you a job with Birmingham escort agency ?

So, we don’t have many demands; we are pretty straightforward.
First of all and foremost thing is good looks, and good manners. Of course, even if you don’t know to behave like a super-model, it’s okay, because we can teach you that part in our escort Birmingham agency.
Also, it’s a standard norm at our Birmingham escort agency to hone the skills of our models further, as that is the way we function.

How does our hiring process work in the escort Birmingham agency?

Firstly, we’ll go through your pictures and what you have written about your interests, hobbies, etc. Secondly, we’ll decide whether you are a good fit for our Birmingham escort agency. Finally, if you are found suitable, we’ll be contacting you as soon as possible, which may be as less as 24 hours.
Also, let us remind you, to get chosen, you need to send us high resolution pictures very clear, even if they are taken with your phone or professional photograph pictures.
In the end, before sending your resume to us, the next most important thing is to see that you are sure you want to come into this profession and work as an escort. Lastly call up Only Escorts Birmingham for any queries regarding employment. Also, our friendly spoken receptionists will always give you a listening ear and guide you correctly on our recruitment process.